Radhika Apte Leaked Nude Pics

Radhika Apte attracted the limelight with her very first film Rakta Charitra. She is not only beautiful, but also endowed with good acting skills. Unfortunately, she couldn’t get projects after Rakta Charitra.

Recently, Radhika Apte again came in limelight with her film Badlapur. But, she is also in news for wrong reasons.

Nude Photo of Radhika Apte

It is about some nude photographs of her. These photographs are being extensively shared on the Internet. All these pictures can now be termed as viral.

It is nothing short of mystery that who leaked these nude photographs of Radhika Apte. More importantly, who clicked them?

If you believe grapevine that is going in gossip columns, it was none other than Radhika Apte. She is well aware of the fact that after Badlapur she may again have to live a life without any film projects. She might have thought about bringing focus back on her.

She tweeted that if anyone has seen her nude photographs, then he should be aware of the fact that these nude pics are not her.

Interestingly, this tweet came 4 days before photographs became viral. This fact led people to believe that it was none other than Radhika Apte who is doing all this.

According to a report of The Times of India, Radhika did this to promote her upcoming film Badlapur.

There is another tale of this sad state of affairs. It is a fact that photographs became viral after her tweet. It is said that Radhika didn’t leaked the pics. However, she tweeted to get attention from youngsters.

Akshara Hassan Sex MMS Scandal

Akshara Hassan is the daughter of Kamal Hassan and Sarika and the sister of Shruti Hassan.

Akshara Hassan has a dream debut in the Bollywood. In the very first film, Shamitabh, she got an opportunity to work with all-time favorite Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush. Some are definitely saying that working with these two superstars might have worked against Akshara, But, the fact remains that it is not a small feat to get a part of the project with none other than Amitabh Bachchan.

However, there are some bad news about beautiful Akshara Hassan.

It is about an MMS scandal that is going around on the Internet. You can also see this video on You Tube.

This is a video of the launch of Shamitabh. Akshara along with Amitabh Bachchan, Dhanush and Balki participated in this event. She cordially took questions of every media persons present there. She replied with great humility.

Akshara Hassan MMS Scandal

However, she was not aware of a simple fact that some camera is taking picture of her private part.

It is obviously not the fault of camera men. She had given an opportunity to them.
Actually, she wore a short black dress for that event and she was looking simple fabulous in that short black dress.

However, the dress was so short that her private part was really visible through.
She was wearing colorful panty.

If you will take a look at pictures of that event, you will see that the lining of her private part is also clearly visible through her colorful panty.

This MMS is obviously currently a much debated topic of the town.

Akshara Hassan Panty Pics: Wardrobe Malfunction

Akshara Hassan has undoubtedly become a superstar. It is not a small thing to work with Amitabh Bachchan and Dhanush in the debut film and yet get noticed for scintillating acting skills. I would rate Akshara on par with Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit.

However, Akshara needs to learn lots of lessons. She has done a mistake which only kids can be expected to do.

She wore a dress at the launch of Shamitabh which showed her private parts. There is no denying that she was looking really astonishing there. At the launch event, she was wearing a short black dress. This dress was supporting her fabulous looks.

Akshara Showing her Panty 

However, the dress was too short to hide her private part.

At many occasions, her panty could be clearly seen.

For few seconds, camera persons could even saw the lining of her private part. I think you understand what I mean by ‘lining’. That was clearly available in the video for just three seconds.

Akshara should have thought that in an event she is going to be clicked extensively. In that case, it would have better had she thought about hiding her private parts properly.
It was a wardrobe malfunction which allowed many people to get their mouths watered.

We will only hope that Akshara will take care of her private parts – both upper and lower – in all future events.

Akshara and Shruit Hassan: Who is More Beautiful?

Ever since the promo of Shamitabh started to flash on television screen, viewers also get into a comparison mode. Lots of discussions were going around on the Internet about Shruti Hassan and Akshara Hassan. After all who is better among them?

Obviously, neither Akshara nor Shruti would like to respond on this query. There is also no denying that Shruti Hassan has a huge fan base and they are against any projection of Akshara ahead of their dream girl – Shruti.

But, this comparison is inevital.

I have checked Twitter and gone through hundreds of Facebook posts to have an understanding about this debate.

What I learned is simply surprising. Later I decided to post query on Twitter and Facebook. These were a sort of poll.

The result was nothing short of an utter astonishment for me.

Akshara had pipped Shruti. She is particularly more popular among youngsters. I have also observed many comparing Akshara to her mother Sarika.

Akshara and Shruti Hassan
I know it is not easy to see Sarika in Akshara. There is not a semblance of doubt behind the fact that both of them have quite different eye color. Further, there is marked difference in terms of the way they talk. But, if you compare these terms to Shruti, you will find that Akshara is more like Sarika than her sister Shruti.

And, what about Kamal Hassan?

Ah! No one was discussing about Kamal.

Anyway, as per the opinion poll, Akshara is more beautiful than Shruti Hassan.

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